Kathy has practiced both law and accounting in California and Utah, primarily in the areas of taxation, business planning and estate planning. She was a managing partner in both an accounting firm and a law firm and has had both large and small firm experience. Kathy is truly passionate about how tax impacts day to day decisions. After receiving several advanced degrees in both law and accounting, she has spent a significant amount of time correcting the tax mistakes of accountants and lawyers alike. After several years of this, she decided to teach tax to try and help other accountants and aspiring lawyers do tax correctly instead of harming their clients. She developed Masters of Taxation programs. In addition, she created the Center for Tax Studies, which was a master's level distance education program offering degrees in taxation (LLM and MAcc) to practicing lawyers and accountants. It is now being transitioned to on-line education. 

She has written four books and published numerous articles. She co-authored Family Law in Utah™ (which is in its fourth edition), and is currently working on two tax books, Fundamentals of Estate Planning, an Integrated approach, and Fundamentals of Partnership Taxation. Currently, both books are being used in her teaching. One of her articles was cited in Forbes Magazine; one was cited in a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court; one has been cited in the BNA portfolios (The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.) and is annotated in IRC § 61-2-101; one came to the attention of the Taxpayer Advocate and several bar and CPA associations; some have come to the attention of members of the U.S. Congress, as well as the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue, and have been the basis for changes in the Internal Revenue Code.


  • Federal Taxation (Individual, Corporate, Partnership, Fiduciary, Estate and Gift)
  • Estate Planning (Trusts and Estates)
  • Business Planning
  • International Business