About Us

Mary is a founding shareholder at Black & Black, P.C. Mary knew at the age of eight that she was going to become a tax attorney when she grew up. One day at the dinner table, as her whole family (all tax attorneys) were talking about the newest tax rules, she realized: (1) she was bored and couldn’t leave the table per a family rule until everyone was done eating, and (2) she would never be able to talk during dinner because she wasn’t allowed to interrupt per another family rule, and (3) if she ever wanted to enjoy family dinner ever again, she was going to have to become a tax attorney. And, that is what she did. 

Her love of tax lead Mary to work with former IRS Commissioners to advise the AICPA and the U.S. Treasury Department on new laws that changed partnership audit practice and partnership tax law. Mary has also helped businesses grow by finding over $10 million dollars in tax credits and incentives for her clients through the research and development tax credit. Additionally, Mary has extensive experience in asset protection through the use of tax, business, and estate planning for small individual estates to large and complex international business structures. 


  • Tax law
  • Business planning
  • International Business Transactions
  • Estate planning
  • Non-Profit tax and entity planning
  • Business Litigation
  • Probate Litigation